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Reclined I view the fire
Of humanity, and its desperate
A shuttered marrow
Breaking spark after spark
But for tinder
I am the tender
Rooted, facing forward
Fingers stretching, questing
For a low and dead branch
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My Fucking Brother :iconwindshaman:WindShaman 1 5
Coffee Burn
He limped into the front door, wanting nothing less than a puff and cup of mocha.  
The place was dimly lit, as any good coffee shop is.  Posters of this and that band lined the walls, from shows long past.  Even a crappy black and white advertisement for a Nirvana concert.  In it Kurt Cobain’s hair was matted, as always, with that pose where he’s up front right by the camera while the rest of the band stands off to the side on some steps, or something.  Oh, and there was a faded "Support the Troops, End the War!" sticker.. seriously.
But as he stepped in, leg muscle still twitching, his body relaxed.  The sweet smell of bitter coffee filled the air, practically bathing the world inside with a brown aura which may as well have been gold.  Nothing gets to him like coffee, nothing (well, except the smell of his girlfriend’s hair).  Limping behind the counter to Maddy, the first shift barista, h
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Respite, to Some End
There were dances, then.  Ones that left such sweet traces behind; little flowers, new life, unseen before.
We were all so happy.  Songs left ache & joy, made us so very glad to be alive.  The hate and sorrow for ourselves, our frailty & ugliness, was washed away in tunes of appreciation.  It was Love, I think, magical, mysterious, and unseen.
We'd love one another and show how we felt because words were paltry, not enough for compassion and love.  The dance and song would wash our scars, creating beauty through admiration.
I'd hated my face, thought it monstrous.  A dancer had known, through the Love, the magic.  Twirling beside, yet in front, of me, melting eyes to eyes, she told me I too am beautiful.  All without a sentence other than the breath of a soul crooning Love, a wondrous ballad upon her lips.
Yet beauty led to vanity, and vain I became.  She left, heavy-stepped, as she pranced to ano
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Twilight, and the cold still lingers.  The morning edges through the cloak on we day walkers senses, slowly drawing the curtain upon our dreams.  Yet I’m still here, just as I was in the darkness.  From dusk to dawn, then dawn to dawn again, I’m still here.  Caught between two worlds, both home yet giving no ground to my fragile footing and frail heart.  The world must keep turning after all; why should it stop or slow for a plodding soul?
Twilight, both torment and salvation for my beleaguered senses.  Frozen in one instant, yet the warmth from the fading or beginning light leaves a delicious pinprick in every pore.  A faded silver lining lay’s in every facet of reality.  I wonder though, should I be frightened?  Should anxiety course through every vein, borne upon adrenaline and caffeine?
Twilight, a time where all should be either stirring awake or falling to sleep.  He
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Reversal :iconwindshaman:WindShaman 1 1
Meeting Deveraux
The cool air of this forest fills the lungs, lending itself to the neutral mood of the evening.  There are still a few more hours ‘til twilight, yet the overcast grey-blue sky makes the fading seem that much closer.  This forest is in the early season of fall, and as cold as the wind may be most leaves haven’t changed or fallen yet.  They produce this vibrant shade of life itself, and they are such a dark green.  I hadn’t realized how much the little bits of discomfort from uncontrolled nature could make my skin goose-bump in shivering ecstasy.  For myself, as cold as the air is and will be in the late hours, this is heaven.
Skipping over a crisp and clear creek bed, it came to me that I’d need to find a safe place to sleep for the night.  This wasn’t going to be an abnormally warm evening in the middle of autumn, like in my haven; although, sometimes curling up in a warm blanket on a cold winter’
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